Tunisia is keen to promote bilateral trade with Pakistan: Adel Elarbi

Tunisia is quick to advance two-sided exchange with Pakistan and the two nations have colossal potential for exchange numerous parts, said Ambassador of Tunisia Adel Elarbi.

Addressing the business network at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), the agent sketched out that legislatures were in charge of encouraging availability between private areas while it was the obligation of businesspeople to investigate new roads of exchange and fares.

He was of the view that Africa was the future and encouraged Pakistan to create solid business linkages with Tunisia for catching an extensive offer in the African market. Elarbi brought up that Tunisia had great experience and ability in horticulture, material and the travel industry parts and Pakistan could profit by its experience to inspire its economy.

He requested that the chamber send a designation to Tunisia to investigate new regions of shared collaboration and guaranteed it of complete help of his international safe haven in visa handling and in making the visit a triumph

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