Sarfaraz Says We Need To Improve In Fielding Department Ahead Of Indo-Pak Clash

Taunton: After sloppy fielding cost Pakistan an important match against Australia, Pakistan Skipper Sarfaraz warned his teammates must improve fielding department ahead of the Indo-Pak clash.

Pakistan was very poor in the fielding department on Wednesday against Australia match. They gave away as many as 30 more runs due to their miss fielding and overthrows.

Moreover, Asif Ali of Pakistan dropped two crucial catches at a crucial stage of the game. Had that catches being held, Australia might not have crossed 300 mark.

“We need to improve because if we want to beat bigger teams like Australia and India then all three aspects of the game are crucial,” said Sarfaraz.

“We will try our level best in a clash against India on Sunday to gain two more points and every match from now onwards is a must-win for us,” Sarfaraz added.

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