PM Imran Khan Appeals Citizens To Declare Assets By June 30

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan called the citizens to declare their assets by June 30 while addressing the nation on Monday.

“I am appealing all the citizens to declare their assets and take part in Asset Declaration Scheme that we brought for you, because if don’t declare assets our country will not grow and develop,” Imran Khan Said while addressing the nation.

He also added, ” We need to change ourselves if we want to change our country.”

“People had until June 30 declare their benami assets, benami bank accounts and money that was kept abroad.” The Premier said.

PM Imran Khan added, “After June 30 you will not get this opportunity. Remember our government has all the information about your assets. I will be good and safe for you if you declare it yourself.”

“We have agreements and are receiving information from abroad about your properties and bank accounts,” he added.

At the start of his address, Prime Minister Imran said: “My Pakistanis, in the past ten years Pakistan’s debt went from Rs6,000 billion to Rs30,000 billion.”

He said that the damage that this had caused to the country was that of the annual tax collected, which he said was approximately Rs4,000 billion, half, approximately Rs2,000 billion went towards repaying loans “they” had taken.

“This country cannot cover its expenses on the money that is left behind,” he added.

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