Pakistani Freelancers Disappointed After Paypal Refused To Operate In Pakistan

The Freelance community of Pakistan has expressed disappointment over reports of Paypal not extending its service to the country. Pakistan’s Freelance community is estimated to be 4th largest in the world.

Paypal is a worldwide online payment service that allows online money transfer 24×7. Most of the online Freelance services and E-commerce sites support PayPal payment which makes it a must-have service for every country.

Unfortunately, recently PayPal refused to extend its service to Pakistan which has big freelance community.

Pakistani Freelancers had been reportedly requesting Finance Ministers for the PayPal service. Asad Umer-Former Finance Minister had assured PayPals arrival in the country. But the effort has gone in vain.

There were about 200,000 freelancers waiting for PayPal arrival but unfortunately, that didn’t happen as PayPal refused to extend its service to Pakistan.

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