Pakistan Aim For Strong Start In World Cup After Tough Year

On 31st May Pakistan and West Indies will face each other in the 2nd match of the World Cup at Trent Bridge. Both the sides will be looking for the ideal start of the tournament.

Pakistan has lost their last 10 games, but they will be looking for the winning to start to set the tone for the upcoming games.

Pakistan’s concerns have been in their bowling department which used to be power. Batting has been doing good in recent time.

The two most unpredictable sides in the competition come face to face at Nottingham’s Trent Bridge. West Indies and Pakistan can be indifferent or spectacular. But on their day, there is no doubt that they can challenge, and beat, the world’s top sides.

Pakistan hasn’t had the ideal preparation for the mega event that they would have liked. They lost to Afghanistan in their 1st Warm-Up match, the 2nd warm-up match against Bangladesh was washout out with a ball bowled.

Nevertheless, Pakistan at ICC tournaments has traditionally been different from what they are at other times. Every other team in the world found that out the hard way at the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017, and there is little reason to doubt that with a young squad bursting with talent, they can do it all over again.

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