Friendship Day 2019: How careful you must be before trusting social media friends

Friendship Day 2019: Nowadays it’s round of online friendship People send friend requests to each other. Invitation occurs and friendship starts.
But how long does this friendship last? Should such a friendship be trusted? Experts say that you can do such friendship, but it is not right to believe everything by turning your eye on. Keep these things in mind:

There are many things in every human life that can not be said to everyone. You can tell from your true friend but remember from a true friend. Understand the definition of true friends. Every secret is not right to ask online friends. No matter how many disturb you are.

If you want to share video chatting, photos, think carefully. Remember that the data you share is shared on the social platform. Any demand that you do not feel well, or can not be shared with family or other friends, that demand can never be justified.

Many times people try to win the trust, trust, by telling a sad story. Lest you become so distressed by their suffering that they decide to help them. Online crimes are executed by fabricating many stories. So be careful on every step.

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