Dua Malik and Gohar Rasheed open up to support Fatema Sohail’s claims against Mohsin Abbas Haider

After, Mohsin Haider Abbas reacted to the claims of his wife Fatema Sohail, actor Dua Malik and Gohar Rasheed open up to support the claims of Fatema Sohail.

Actor Dua Malik, on her Instagram story, came out in support of Fatema Sohail and wrote: “I am sure to say I am the only eye witness in this industry.

“I have kept this fire in my heart for 3 years. i have seen him beating the shit out of his wife on the road and where not,” she added.

In addition, actor Gohar Rasheed also supported Fatema Sohail, saying on Twitter how he was a “second hand witness to it in 2018 when” Sohail was rushed to the hospital after Mohsin Abbas Haider brutally beat her.

“Through her I got to know the whole Story. Fatima is like a sister to me. SHE, wanted to save her marriage and ensure the health of her baby so we respected that and kept quite but now since she is out with the truth her self (more power to you #fatima). […] She needs justice and he needs HELP. #justiceforfatima.”

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