China Pakistan Economic Corridor Will Remain Priority Of PTI: Imran Khan

Leader Imran Khan said on Thursday that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will remain a priority for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government.

PM Imran Khan withdrew for a four-day official visit to China today. The leader will visit the nation on the welcome of President Xi Jinping to go to the second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing on Friday.

In his announcement, PM Khan said that he is starting his visit with the purpose to take a vital agreeable organization with China to more current statures.

“China is our dearest companion and ‘iron sibling’. I anticipate meet my great companions President Xi and Premier Li for a top to bottom trade of perspectives on all issues of shared intrigue,” the announcement cited the PM as saying.

PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan-China two-sided ties depend on the union of interests as well as are established in like manner encounters of past and abnormal state of shared trust and comprehension.

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