Adnan Malik Tweets About Pakistan’s Disappointing Performance Against West Indies

After Pakistan’s disappointing performance in their opening World Cup match against West Indies actor Adnan Malik made some serious tweets on his twitter handle.

In his first tweet, he wrote. ” So what is it folks? What happened to our team? Is it the captaincy? Selection? Coaching? Team environment? Players not following plans? Everything seems to be in tatters. This is not about being mercurial- when will we be consistent? “

In his 2nd tweet he wrote, ” I know not playing the ipl has hurt us. Cricket has changed and we are still playing an old brand of it. But there’s something seriously wrong & I can’t put my finger on it. I cant understand why our players aren’t executing game plans.”

His third tweet was, ” I feel like something is seriously wrong with the team environment as we are completely demoralized. How do we pick up from here? “

The actor seemed to be worried about the Pakistan team who lost their opening World Cup match to West Indies in a very disappointing manner.

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